Board Members

Margaret Elliott (OBE)

Margaret has been involved in co-operative development since the 1970s, first as founder member of a worker's co-operative shop, Little Women, and then in a small Home Care co-operative, Little Women Household Services Ltd. After a stint at the Prince’s Trust and a study visit to care co-operatives in New York, Margaret established Sunderland Home Care Associates in 1994. Margaret’s commitment to participation in the workplace is as strong now as it was when she first learned of this totally different way of working in the early seventies.

Margaret is CASA's Chair.

Dr Guy Turnbull

Guy has been involved in the co-operative and social enterprise sector since 1988, and is now the full-time managing director of Care & Share Associates Limited - the company he helped found.

Previously, he worked across the UK as a social economy consultant, specialising in business planning, training, and research and strategic planning.  This has included being involved in government policy development, planning and managing multi-million pound projects, helping establish some of the most successful social enterprises around, written books and much else besides. 

As CASA's Managing Director, Guy's focus is  driving CASA's strategic and business development.  He is responsible for development of new territories, existing franchise company diversification, branding, employee engagement, new product development, and strategic business & financial planning.

Shaun Jackson

Shaun became involved with SHCA in early 1994, when Margaret Elliott outlined her plans to develop a genuinely democratic home care co-operative. Shaun’s main working role within SHCA has been to co-ordinate the provision of home support packages to enable people to live, and be cared for, in their own home. Throughout this time, Shaun has also served as the Chair of the Board of Directors, which was democratically elected by the members in 1996. Shaun has also carried out consultancy work for Durham Co-operative Development Agency, a health worker in Middlesbrough and Direct Care, a women’s co-operative operating in Darlington.

Shaun's key Responsibility is to ensure that each CASA unit fully complies with Commission For Social Care Inspection (CSCI) regulations. He also leads on the CASA trouble shooting service.

David Wheatcroft

David has been actively involved in employee ownership since the 1980s. It was during the Bus Privatisation Programme in the late Eighties that David (as an existing bus driver) was elected as Worker Director of the newly formed Chesterfield Transport. In his position of Worker Director he was part of the buy-out team that purchased the company from Chesterfield Borough Council which became the first 100% employee owned buy-out in that industry.

In 1992 David was invited to join the Board of the Employee Ownership Association and in 1995 he was awarded their Phillip Mayo Award for Outstanding Contribution to Employee Ownership.

In 2000, David oversaw the transition of Sunderland Home Care Associates from a Co-op to an Employee Owned Company. He did this successfully and has acted as their Employee Ownership advisor and administrator to the present day, where he serves as an Outside Non-Executive Trustee on their Employee Benefit Trust.

David's role within CASA is to design and implement the employee owned governance structures across the CASA Group.

Antony Ross

Antony leads the Bridges Ventures Social Entrepreneurs Fund and Bridges Social Impact Bond Fund, and is a member of the Bridges Ventures investment committee. He has over 20 years of private equity and venture capital investment experience in a wide range of businesses from early stage development opportunities to later stage management buy outs. He joined 3i in 1988 and led a number of successful MBO investments before managing 3i's Newcastle office in 1995. Antony is a Teaching Fellow at London Business School and lectures on financing entrepreneurial business in London, Dubai and India. He is also Director of the North East based seed fund, NorthStar Ventures,

Antony was appointed to the board in 2013 and represents CASA’s social impact investor, Bridges Ventures.

Craig Slater

Craig is an experienced company executive with particular skills in managing growth, turnaround, change and performance improvement.

As a CASA non executive director, Craig draws on his wealth of product development, marketing and sales experience and financial analysis to support CASA Board to deliver:

  • Strategy change and development
  • Performance improvement
  • Corporate changes – acquisition and joint venture
  • Effective stakeholder management

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