LIFE is a service offered by CASA Newcastle to meet the needs of individuals in their own homes and in their own communities. At the Core of the LIFE organisation is our expertise in designing and implementing flexible services for adults of any age with a range of disabilities.

LIFE offers:

Personalised Active Support

  • We work closely with you, your family and circle of support to ensure the best service possible.  We can provide up to 24:7 one to one support for people with complex needs.
  • We recruit staff specifically around a person’s support requirements and interests.  We believe that matching the right support staff with people being supported is crucial, as we are essentially trying to broker long term sustainable relationships between the disabled person and their support team.
  • The people that are going to be supported, and their circles of support are encouraged to be involved in the recruitment process.  All staff are fully trained to meet the person’s needs, and thoroughly vetted, including enhanced Criminal Records and Independent Safeguarding Adults checks.
  • LIFE carries out person-centred planning with the person and their circle of support.  Here, the team work alongside the person to identify what they want to achieve out of life, and the steps they need to take to get there.


  • We work with a network of social landlords and private housing providers; to provide fully flexible packages of housing and support to meet the needs of people as required.
  • We have experience of supporting the transition process from residential care to independent living.  Indeed, we like to get people involved in choosing what makes a house a home, including choosing the furniture, decorating/getting involved in selecting the decoration, etc


  • Living as independently as possible in the community means getting engaged within the community.  A key role of the LIFE staff is to support people to pursue their interests through getting engaged in local community activities.

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