Employee Ownership Explained

Each of our franchise companies is set up as an employee owned social enterprise. All of our employees are entitles to receive free shares in their company after they have completed a probationary period. This means that our workforce shares in the success of the company. If the company is financially successful, the value of their shares increases. In each of the franchise companies, employees can buy and sell their shares within an internal share market.

Because all of our employees are co-owners, with a stake in their company via the Employee Benefit Trust, they have more say in how profits are allocated and invested. The franchise companies work in a way that is participative and empowering. We are part of a wider family of employee owned companies such as John Lewis and Baxi, which now account for combined annual turnover in excess of £25 billion.

CASA and its franchise companies have no external shareholders, so more of the surplus we make is used to benefit the company, its employees and the people who receive our services. We reinvest more in support, training and professional development of staff, and this has a positive impact on our customers.

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