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For Professionals


As an employee-owned social enterprise, CASA is able to attract high calibre recruits. CASA is committed to helping our employee owners to fulfil their potential and enjoy a rewarding career through a range of training opportunities. Staff supervision and appraisal systems support this by ensuring that training is linked to their developmental needs. The impact of this is a highly motivated staff team and a culture of striving to improve practice across the agency.

CASA understands that the quality of service we provide is greatly influenced by the quality of staff that we recruit and retain, so we take a values-based approach to recruitment, selection and developing the skills of our staff. Workforce is key in CASA. Our unique offer is our ownership structure and this shapes everything we do. As a social enterprise, our ‘theory of change’ can be explained as follows:

  • We value our employees, giving everybody a genuine stake in the business and the outcomes it aims to achieve
  • This motivates our staff to do a great job. It helps develop their resilience, self-efficacy, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • A culture is embedded that has a positive long-term impact, both on the business and across the wider communities we work in. This unique approach can be seen in practice in a number of ways, from creating our own Social Care Academy, to the employment of employee engagement leads, to the ‘voice’ employees have in our governance structure, to the transparent way we operate the business and to the various benefits we offer all staff. All of this supports high quality services and high levels of service user satisfaction.

Commissioning and Innovation

Operating in a transparent and ethical manner, to create the best possible outcomes for service users, is key to CASA’s social enterprise credentials. CASA is committed to building successful relationships with commissioning organisations. We enjoy good partnership relationships with all Local Authorities & CCG’s wherever we work, communicating openly and transparently, to deliver a quality service.

  • In 2014, CASA Leeds was short-listed by Leeds City Council for the award of ‘Partner Of The Year’.
  • In 2016, CASA’s Managing Director became national winner of the Great Britain Care Award, ‘Outstanding Contribution To Social Care’.

The UK is facing monumental demographic and economic challenges in the health/social care space and is ready for transformational change – change that can be best delivered by a genuinely robust social enterprise business model.

As an employee owned social enterprise, with no external private share-holders, CASA routinely shares detailed financial and operational performance information with commissioners and services alike.

CASA’s approach to relationships with commissioners and service users is simple and straightforward – we all want the same:

  • Continuity
  • Safety and Security
  • Quality
  • Value for money

These ‘wants’ are at the heart of CASA’s ‘Mutual Benefit’.

CASA can highlight a number of concrete examples of how co-production has generated innovation in service delivery, including ‘PA Supply’, medication rounds, Night Roaming Services, etc

We have access to a range of social investors and we’re always keen to work alongside commissioners, disabled people, other providers and other stakeholders to develop innovative social care products. For example:

  • We have ‘co-produced’ a Learning Disabilities service named ‘LIFE’, which supports the transition of individuals with complex needs from out-of-borough residential accommodation and into their own housing in Newcastle;
  • We set up a highly cost-effective Night Roaming ‘pop-in’ service in Manchester.


All of our Quality Assurance systems are underpinned by our core beliefs. Putting People Before Profit is not just a sound bite – it’s a strong statement of intent. Safety & Quality are two of the main concerns people should have when choosing Care & Support services. All of our staff not only work in the company, they OWN the company. This gives us an extra incentive to do the important things right and to provide compassionate support that always treats people as individuals.

Initial Approach

Before we deliver any care and support services, we use the CASA Discovery interview to agree with the individual being supported and, where appropriate, their circle of support what they want from us and how best to achieve that. Once a Care and Support Plan has been agreed, including thorough risk assessments where required, the service will commence in accordance with the Plan. This Plan will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it is achieving what is best for those people that we support and meets our quality standards.

There are a number of ways that we measure that both internally and externally.

Internal Quality Measures

  • Feedback from those who are receiving our care and support services
  • Feedback from their Circle of Support
  • All Branches and Departments complete weekly reports highlighting their performance in the most important areas of our services. These are known as Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). These are supplied to and monitored by our Company Operational Team
  • All Branches and Departments complete Audit Tables on a monthly basis evidencing their performance in important areas of regulatory compliance. These are supplied to the Compliance & Quality Director and collated into Performance Tables
  • Audits are regularly carried out within each Branch and Department by Senior Management
  • Audits are also carried out by the Executive Team notably by the Compliance & Quality Director
  • A Quality Committee is held bi-monthly

Social Impact

Being a social enterprise means taking our social impact very seriously. CASA is more than a care business. It is part of the wider social enterprise movement that seeks to change the world for the better through the operation of ethical enterprises.

The table below sets out CASA’s key Social Impact strands, and how we measure our impact.

Social Impact Stakeholder Social Impact Effect Measurement Approach
Service Users Continuity of support.
Well trained & motivated staff.
Quality Care
Service user surveys.
CQC Reports.
Weekly monitoring of care calls
Employee Owners Engaged Employees.
A stake in the outcome. Investment in staff development.
Transparency in terms & conditions.
Quarterly employee surveys. Operation of a profit share scheme.
Distribution of shares to employee owners.
Commissioners Transparency & value for money.
Co-production & ‘Market Shaping’. Product Innovation
Awards secured.
Development of new products & services
Communities Job creation.
Wealth retention. ‘One off’ gifts.
Number of jobs created in areas of deprivation.
Number of trainees going through the CASA Academy. Number of ‘Community Events’

Please click each branch below to view our CQC Results.


Overall – Good

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Overall Good


Overall – Good

North Tyneside

Overall Good




Overall Requires improvement

“I have been working for CASA for just over a year now. I thoroughly enjoy my role. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients each day and knowing that I am doing something good which allows them to live independently in their own homes.”

Andrea Gains
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