Our Story

Our Story

The CASA family was established in 2004 with a vision of becoming the UK’s leading employee-owned provider of domiciliary health and social care support services to older and disabled people.

It was created to replicate the success of the award winning social enterprise, Sunderland Home Care Associates Limited (SHCA), which was established by one of CASA’s founders, Margaret Elliot, in 1994. Indeed the true history of CASA goes back to the mid ‘70s!

CASA has always been a pioneering, positive force that contributes to the transformation of health and social care services in the UK.

Over the years, the success of the business has been down to mutuality. Because our employees are also the owners, we achieve the highest quality care and low staff turnover, making the business more successful. We nurture strong commissioner relationships and none of our profit goes to external shareholders.

We recognise that high quality care and support is all about the workforce.

What we’ve done is to find a way to tap into people’s natural creativity and commitment, by giving them a stake in their business. Our approach to workforce planning is about more than recruiting and training staff, it also means defining a positive workplace culture.

Although CASA’s roots can be traced back to 1975, our mission remains the same – to be a positive ethical force in everything we do.

Our social impact is far-reaching. As well as improving the quality of life for our service users, we recruit and invest in low income communities, with a great track record in helping long-term unemployed people into work. CASA currently employs over 750 people, all of whom benefit from a host of training and development opportunities..

Click here to learn about our values, and see how they operate in practice by watching the many video clips presented by our CASA Owners.

“Since CASA started caring for my dad, I finally got my life back. I am now a daughter, rather than a carer.”

Sue Watson
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