It’s All About Us & Us

It’s All About Us & Us

CASA was established in 2004 to create a business that is good for everyone. We wanted the people we care for to get a great service and we wanted our workforce to prosper. It’s called CASA’s mutual benefit.

Looking after each other is at the heart of CASA’s business:

  • People who have a stake in their business provide the highest quality care
  • This makes the business more successful
  • The profits are then reinvested in staff and growth – a straightforward simple idea!
  • High quality care and support is all about people – It’s all about us! CASA taps into people’s natural creativity and commitment, by giving them a stake in their business. CASA’s approach to its people is much more than recruiting and training staff. It’s about creating a great place to work.

CASA aims to be a force for good in everything we do. This means:

  • Improving the quality of life for our CASA service users by providing high quality care that allows them to stay in their own homes.
  • Recruiting and investing in the long-term unemployed in low-income communities through the CASA Academy
  • Seeking to have a wider benefit on local communities.

By joining the CASA family, you become part of the social enterprise movement – a growing global phenomenon challenging the biggest social problems, whilst creating decent jobs and sustainable growth. The one thing that unites us is a common commitment to ‘making the world a fairer better place’ through business and enterprise.

“Since CASA started caring for my dad, I finally got my life back. I am now a daughter, rather than a carer.”

Sue Watson
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