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CASA is unlike any other employer. We’re the UK’s leading employee-owned homecare provider and one of its most successful social enterprises.

At CASA we’re different from many other care companies – our employees are all co-owners of the business and so share in its success. The founders of CASA believed that co-ownership creates a real sense of belonging, like being part of a family, and a feeling of being truly valued.

And this vision lives on. Our belief is that valued employees deliver high quality care, and this is something we strive to achieve in everything we do.

What it means to be a Co-owner

Being a co-owner is about much more than sharing the profits – it defines our approach to what we do. With ownership comes responsibility, and the knowledge that our success depends entirely on providing the best quality care to our clients.

Our democratic network of elected councils and forums gives co-owners a real say in how our business is run, and this sense of collective responsibility extends to everyone we deal with, from clients and suppliers to the communities we serve.

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